Ultimated Experience

Zero-Gravity Swimming

The experience that you will never want to miss, Amazing, Yearning, Mystery, Incompareable. Providing the experience of swimming in the space

  • Space Swimming

    Space Swimming is basiclly Zero-Gravity Swimming which is held by a machine that can create the environment of Zero-Gravity.

  • Preparation in Advance

    Space Swimming is a kind of Swimming as well, so all the customers will be required to pass the basic swimming test in order to protect their own safety.

  • Professional Training

    All the customers will be provided a half an hour one to one professional training before the event, all the coaches are rich-experienced with 0 accidents.

Multiple Choices Provided

Price for the event

Club Data

All important data of the Club

Club high-level manager

Emotional message
Our club promises that the customers will have an amazing experiences in our club. And for this is a new extreme sport we also hope the customers can provide precious feedbacks.
Owner of Space-Swimming Club
As the CEO of the company, we hope the customers will be pleased to attend our club and have a great time here, please inform us in anyway that if there is anything we can prove.
L.Jinhao Koh
CEO of Space-Swimming Club